You can Color and Print out your page, or print
out and color, which ever you wish. See complete 
directions below applet


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Background = Fury Coloring Page

Select a drawing mode from the list on the left. The 3 modes are: Pen, Stamp or background. Selecting background will erase the drawing and replace it with a background.

To draw with the pen, click the mouse in the applet to press the pen down. Now keep the mouse button down and drag the mouse to make the pen draw a line. You can change the pen color at any time, while in Pen mode.

In Stamp or Background mode, give the program a few seconds after making your selection, for it to load.

To use a stamp, move the mouse to the location you want to place the stamp and press the mouse button. You can place the stamp more than once in your painting. To choose another stamp, select the number of the stamp you want.

To use a background, select a number for the background. The background erases your painting, and gives it a new background.

If you want to start over, you can erase everything. The Clear button erases everything, including the background.


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