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November 27,1997 : This website was created


December 30 : Added new web page for TV series My Friend Flicka


January 13 : Added film credits that I received from Bobby Diamond
January 19 : Link added for Shadows Of The Past
January 20 : Added Page 3 of Memorabilia, with one new comic a magazine and Fury tray puzzle
January 20 : Added new web page for the TV series The Adventures Of Champion
January 22 : Added a biography page for Anita Louise on the My Friend Flicka page.
January 23 : Updated Ann Louise's Biography page with new photos and information about her screen test for "Gone With The Wind."
January 23 : Update to Roger Mobley's Biography page, a TV pilot episode called "Inside Danny Baker."
January 24 : Update to Peter Graves Biography page, with new film information and his college
January 28: I have completed the first ten Episode Synopses for the show.
February 3 : Added three colorized photos to the index page.
February 6: New information added about the filming locations of the show
February 10 : Added photo of Leon Fromkess the producer of Fury
February 11 : Added another comic to Memorabilia page 3. Dell #1031
February 12 : Added the new "Fury Trivia" applet. Added Pete's last name to the cast page and his bio page. Made changes to the cast list with the correction and addition of Packy's parents names.
February 14 : Added photos to Roger Mobley's page. One photo added to index page of Joey and Pee Wee with the TPA Productions logo. Added a real player slide show with photo's taken on the set of Fury. Photo's courtesy of Steve Lodge.
February 21 : New page for the show Casey Jones, the 1958 Sat. morning show with Alan Hale Jr. as the engineer of the Cannonball Express.
February 22 : Added episode listings for My Friend Flicka, Casey Jones, and Champion.
March 3 : The launching of our new look for the site. If you find any bugs, please let us know.
March 6 : New photos to Jimmy Baird page, also additional information about William Fawcett.
March 10 : New information on Roger Mobley's page.
Also note that there has been a change to the Guest book server. All postings will be added once the new server lets us change over to them. Sorry for the inconvience. Your postings are very important to us.
March 27 : Added two new photos to Roger Mobley's page.
April 27 : New "Featured Photo". New photo added to additions page.
May 16 : Added link to "Dream Catcher Farm Horse Sanctuary." Please visit their site and help support these abused and unfortunate horses.
June 3:
Added new "Featured Photo," Also did an update to Jimmy Bairds page.
June 6 : Added new information and new photo to Jimmy Bairds page.
June 10 : Added "Whiplash" page to site. And you can now order Fury videos and more at the Broken Wheel Video Store.
June 23 : Added a real video clip of an episode of My Friend Flicka.
June 24 : Added Annie Oakley photo to additions page. New "Featured Photo" added.
July 9 : Added more movies to Broken Wheel Video page.
July 10 : Due to problems with our old Guest book, we have added a new a new one with a more reliable server.
August 3 : New "Featured Photo" added. Also 5 more photo's added to the Casey Jones page.
August 23 : Added Fury Greeting Cards. Send one to your friends. There will be more photos added later. New "Featured Photo" added. And a Laramie photo added to this page.
August 28 : Added another TV show listing to Jimmy Baird Page. "The Restless Gun", Also a photo of his sister Sharon Baird, a former Mouseketeer.
Sept 3 : Welcome to our new home. After many months of trying to find a decent web server, we have finally hit pay dirt. I hope you enjoy your time here. If there are any bugs, or if we have links that are not working right, please let us know by emailing us at FuryComments@brokenwheelranch.com.
Sept 5 : Added new cast photo to My Friend Flicka Page. Added close up photo of Fury on his page.
Sept 7 : Added a message board. Now you can post your questions about the show, or comments.
Sept 9 : Made changes to William Fawcett page. Added new "Featured Photo".
Sept 12 : Added new "Featured Photo". Also email a Fury postcard to a friend.
Sept 18 : Added new movies to Broken Wheel Video page.
Sept 20 : Added new photo to Bobby Diamond Page, also video jacket for the movie he appeared in, the original "Scream".
Download your own Fury Screen Saver. See link on index page.
Coming Soon, more Fury Videos that you can purchase.
Sept 21 : Added some Faqs to Fury's page. Added new "Featured Photo."
Oct 8 : Added new "Featured Photo", Also added an episode to one of Roger Mobleys "Gallagher" shows. Added Two more photos to Bobby Diamonds Page
Nov 10 : Added new "Featured Photo". Also added nine new pictures to Additions page.
Nov 14 : Three new photo's added to Fury's page, and extensive information about Fury's acting career. Added Crusader Rabbit, Rough And Reddy, and Ton Terrific photos to Additions page. Added Fury Coloring Book to Memorabilia 3 page.
Dec 13 : Added a new page for Roger Mobley's "Gallegher" series. Added new "Featured Photo". New photo added to William Fawcett's page.
Note: We are having trouble with our servers for our guest book, greeting card, and message board. Hopefully they will remedy this soon.
Dec 20 : Added an episode of "Lassie" in which Bobby Diamond appeared.


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