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Jan 1 : Added new "Featured Photo."

Jan 3 : Roger Mobley's web page is now Official. Watch for the newly designed pages for Roger soon

Jan 7 : Added new photo to Fury's page.

Jan 10 : Added new filming location for Fury.
Added comment by Roger Mobley to What people are saying about this page.

Jan 15 : Broken Wheel Video has been redesigned to make ordering easier. We now have a shopping cart.

Jan 16 : Happy Birthday wishes go out to Roger Mobley. If you haven't sent him a birthday wish, you can still send him a belated one, see his web page for information on how you can do this. Added new episodes to My Friend Flicka.

Jan 18 : Due to bandwidth and image piracy, we have found it necessary to use a protection service to protect our images on the website. So in the next few days we will be locking our photo's so this will not happen again. Please wait for all photo's to load before proceeding with scrolling down the page. This should be fine on all browsers from 4.0 on up. If you do run into a problem, use your refresh button. Sorry for this inconvenience, but that is what happens when people don't follow web etiquette.

Jan 22 : Added additional actor that played Packy's father.

Jan 24 : Launched the new Official Roger Mobley Website.

Feb 1: Added a personal message on Roger Mobley's web page thanking everyone for the birthday wishes they sent him. New episodes added to Broken Wheel Video

Feb 3 : Added a Guest book to Roger Mobley's site.

Feb 11 : Broken Wheel Video is closed for updates. We will keep you posted on it's re-opening. Added new "Featured Photo".

March 3 : Added new information to William Fawcett page, also added additional movie "The Comancheros" to Fawcett film list. New episodes of Fury added to Broken Wheel Video. New "Featured Photo" added. Eight new photo's added to the Additions page. Added the writer of Fury, Nat Tanchuck to the cast page

March 15 : Added the second actor that played the part of Packy's father to the cast page. New photo of the Casey Jones board game added. Added a picture of a My Friend Flicka Coloring Book to the Flicka page, also added some new episode names. Also Happy Birthday wishes go out to Peter Graves, who will be celebrating his 75th Birthday on March 18th.

March 24 : Please excuse our mess, but we had to change web providers, so most things will take a while to come back online. We are working hard to bring the site through a smooth and quick transfer. We appreciate your patience.

April 15 : Added a new page with Themes from the western TV shows. Requires Windows Media 7. You will find a link to download it on the page.

April 16 : More TV Western Themes added.

April 17 : Added a new photo gallery to Bobby Diamonds page. Photo's are of his appearance on the Twilight Zone in 1963.

April 21: New photo's added on Roger Mobley's TV appearances page. From Gunsmoke episode "Miss Kitty".

April 27 :Added photo's from Roger Mobley's TV appearances on "Wide Country", and "The Outlaws".

April 28 : Added three episodes of "Lawman" to William Fawcetts page that he did a guest appearance on. Also two episodes to Jimmy Bairds page from the same series that he did a guest appearance on. Added one more photo to Roger Mobley's TV appearances, this one from "Empire".

May 4 : Added new photo to Bobby Diamonds page. Also listed additional movie he was in "Untamed", and his character name on the Patty Duke Show. Added information about Bobby being an honoree at Iverson's Ranch last Year.

May 13 : Three new photo's added to Roger Mobleys page. Press photo from "Treasure Of San Bosco", photo from his guest appearance on "The Virginian", and one photo from his guest appearance on "Death Valley Days". Also re-added the full "Fury" episode of "Joey's Dame Trouble".

May 18 : Added information to Fury's page about the abused horse who was thought to be Fury. This information was written into a book called "The Gentle Jungle", and is entirely not true. Read and look at the photos. I'm hoping this puts a stop to the ugly rumor that Fury was abused.

May 21 : Added a couple of new photo's to Bobby Diamonds page.

May 22 : Added new featured photo

May 24 : Added a full episode of "Tornado". You will need Apples QuickTime to view it. We are trying to get a variety of players so that everyone may view these clips and episodes.

May 29 : Another new full episode of Fury added. This one is "Packy's Dilemma". Also a new photo added to Rogers TV guest appearance page, from the TV show "Death Valley Days".

May 31 : We are proud to bring you a collection of Bobby Diamond magazine photo covers courtesy of Peter Gowland the renown photographer.

June 20 : Roger Mobley has sent me some of his personal photos, some of them are now located on his page entitled "Personal Photos", with more to follow. 
For any of you wondering why "
Broken Wheel Video" has been closed for the summer, it is because my new colt has just arrived, and is taking up all my time. I will re-open it in the fall, or maybe even sooner if all goes well. I apologize for this inconvience.

June 21 : Added a second page with three new photos to Rogers personal photos. Two of which were when Roger was a policeman in TX. The third is from "Jack And The Giant Killer".
New "Featured Photo" added to home page.

July 13 : Added video of Roger Mobley's performance on "The Mickey Mouse Club". Roger appeared with his brother and sister, and they were called "The Mobley Trio".
Broken Wheel Video is now re-opened. Also look for the link at the bottom of it's home page to purchase movies of each individual star from "Fury".
Added new photo of
Johnny Washbrook and Flicka to the "My Friend Flicka page".

July 29 : New photo added to William Fawcett page, from one of his guest spots on "Lawman". Added new photos to Roger Mobley's page, guest spots from "Destry", and from the TV pilot he appeared in "Inside Danny Baker".

August 6 : Added a new Sat. morning page. "The Adventures Of Rin Tin Tin". It is still under construction at this time.

August 16 : Additions made to Lane Bradford's names used on the show. New search engine added. New "Featured Photo" added.

August 28 : Added character names to Roger Mobley page for his appearances on Cheyenne, The Dakotas, Wagon Train, Major Adams, Frontier Circus, and Tall Man. New "Featured Photo" added. Wide Country page added

Sept. 3 : Added a page for Lane Bradford. He  played the bad guy on several episodes of  Fury.

Sept 20 : Added 10 new episodes of Fury to Broken Wheel Video. Added updated message from Roger Mobley to his page.


Sept 21:
We here at the Broken Wheel Ranch would like to express our heartfelt sympathies and condolences to all those who experienced a tremendously tragic loss on
Sept. 11, 2001. Our hearts and prayers are with all of the families and friends of people who lost their lives.

Sept 27 : New featured photo added. This is a photo of Fury from a postcard. There will be two others I will be displaying soon.
Added a new page with three photos from movies that Bobby Diamond appeared in.

October 8 : Added the Fury episode  "Halloween". Note this is not the best quality, because the video quality is not that good, so it doesn't transfer very well. But it is viewable.

October 12 : Added more movies and TV series that Fury (Beaut) appeared in.

Oct. 30 : Added new featured photo. Another Fury postcard. The woman in it is unknown.

Nov. 6 : Added titles to Roger Mobley's TV page for 87th Precinct and Dr. Kildare and National Velvet.

Dec. 2 : Added the Christmas episode of Fury. You will need to have Quicktime downloaded in order to watch it. You won't want to miss this. Joey and Pee Wee learn the true meaning of Christmas when an old prospector and his donkey show up on their doorstep. 

Dec. 4 : Added new "Featured Photo"

Dec. 11: Added two new pictures to Rogers photo page, and updated information on his appearance on "Treasure Of San Bosco Reef".

Dec. 14 : Added Fury's birth record and his Dam and Sire to his page.

Dec. 16 : Added new "Featured Photo"

Dec. 22 :  Photos added from Bobby Diamonds appearance on "Lassie"  episode "In The Midst Of Splendor". Also a photo from his appearance in the movie "It's A Dogs Life".

Dec. 26 : Added new "Featured Photo". This photo was taken from a promotional slide.


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