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Jan 2 :  Updated Biography for William Fawcett. Also added his appearance on Walt Disney's Wonderful World Of Color in "Kilroy".

Jan 3 : Try your hand at the new Fury Online Coloring Book. These are actual pictures from a 1958 book. Java applet allows you to color, and then you can print out your masterpiece. There are ten different pages. You can also do free hand drawing if you wish.
Also added back the Fury Slide Show, which is set pictures taken during the filming of the episode "Flying Saucer", These pictures were re-captured from 8mm movie film. Photos are courtesy of Stephen Lodge, and are shown with real player slide show.

Jan 7 : Added a link to Terrie Davis' website about her mother Gail Davis who played "Annie Oakley". Terrie has a wonderful site about her mothers career, and you can purchase episodes of "Annie Oakley". Volume one is available now, and contains 16 episodes on 4 VHS  tapes. Be sure to stop by her site.
Added a print button to the Fury Online Coloring Book page to make it easier to print out your colored picture.

Jan 15 : Added episode of "Lassie" to Jimmy Bairds page. Added movie to Ann Robinsons page.

Feb 3 : Added new "Featured Photo" of the cast celebrating Bobby Diamonds Birthday. 

Feb 10 : Added four new photos to Fury's page. One of them being a painting by artist Pat Delong.  Other pictures include Fury receiving the Patsy Award for Gypsy,  and a photo from his appearance on the movie Black Beauty.

Feb 25 : Added new "Featured Photo", This is a painting of Fury by Pat Delong. They will be available soon in a limited quantities to purchase in prints of 11x14. Watch the site for updates on the release. They will all be signed and numbered.

March 3 : Added two new photos to the My Friend Flicka page.

March 26 : Added an episode of "All Star Theater" to Jimmy Bairds page

March 27 : Added a picture from "Going My Way" to Roger Mobley's TV page.

April 2 : More information about Fury's ancestry added. Correction to the number of episodes that were made also corrected.

April 9 : Added six new Casey Jones episodes to Broken Wheel Video.

April 11 : Added new pictures to Fury's page. Added some cast members to Gallegher page.

April 14 : Added new "Featured Photo".

.April 16 : 15 new episodes of Fury added to Broken Wheel Video.

April 23 : Added three new photo's to Fury's page. Also the Message Board is back, please feel free to post your memories of Fury. And the Send A Fury Greeting Card is back. I will be adding more pictures for that real soon.

May 13 : Broken Wheel Video is closed for updates.

May 14 : Added a picture of a Casey Jones Coloring book to the page.

May 16 : Added more theme songs to the TV Western Theme Songs web page.

May 17 : Added the theme songs to the Whiplash page, and My Friend Flicka page.

June 4 : Finally have our National Velvet page up and running. There will be a National Velvet online coloring book on it, and a Casey Jones online coloring book on that page as well. Watch for future video clips from the National Velvet TV show.
 Also added back
Retro-Mercials. See commercials from Maverick to Roy Rogers And Dale Evans. Please excuse the Pal Mal commercial, I need to remake it.
Added another Bonanza episode, and the movie Johnny Guitar to
Fury's page. These are additional TV and Movies he appeared in. Also added another Bonanza episode to William Fawcett's page that he appeared in, and quite coincidently the same one as Fury was in. Added a song called Fury that was done by the Sandpipers and the Mitch Miller orchestra. To hear it, just go to Fury's page.

July 13 : Prints of the Paintings of Fury are now available in a limited quantity. Each print will be numbered and signed by the artist Pat Delong. Prints are much better than the scans on this site. Hurry and get yours before they are no longer available. Also look for our new Broken Wheel General Store, where you will be able to purchase Fury t-shirts, coffee mugs and more. Also becoming available will be a series of TV Western Horse coffee mugs with paintings by Pat Delong  from all of your favorite TV Western shows from the 50's and 60's. Keep checking back for the opening of this store coming soon.

July 14 : Updated some information about Fury's appearances on Bonanza.

July 16 : We have now launched our "Broken Wheel Ranch General Store". In the store you will be able to purchase T-Shirts, and coffee mugs, so please visit and take a look around. We are still in the process of putting together our TV Western Horses series of coffee mugs. We hope to open soon.

July 17 : You can now download your very own Fury Screensaver, compliments of the Broken Wheel Ranch.

July 23 : Added nine new photos to Roger Mobley's page. These are photos from Roger's personal collection.

Sept.22 : All drinkware is on sale right now at Broken Wheel Ranch General Store. With Christmas right around the corner be sure to get your mugs ordered early and save. Hurry sale ends Sept 30.

Sept 30 : Added a TV Commercial that was used on the show for Post Cereals. Jim, Joey, Pete and Packy do the Post "Just A Little Bit Better" slogan.

Oct 4 : Added the Halloween page again. You can watch the Fury episode entitled "Halloween" for the entire month of October.

Nov 1 : Halloween is over, and so is the episode we had for you. Added a new featured photo to the site.

Nov 2 : Thanksgiving episode "Turkey Day" added for the month of November. Enjoy, but please only view it once, so everyone has a chance to see it, otherwise we will run out of bandwidth and the site will shut down. 
Also don't forget to visit the
General Store for Fury Christmas items just listed.
Thank you to everyone who voted for our site. We have now reached
4 star status, but we are only half way to being the best Fury site on the web. So keep voting once a day for us. Thank you so much. 

Nov 22 : Added two new episode of "Fury".  One is called "Big Leaguer". It's the story of a baseball pitcher who leaves the game because he hit a batter with a pitch. He then ends up on the Newton's doorstep.
The second is called "The Test". A father expects too much from his son when it comes to school. He soon learns what is really important in his relationship with his son. 
Also look for the
"Fury" Christmas Episode. I will be adding it on Dec. 1st. Don't miss this one!

Nov 23 : Added a full episode of "National Velvet" to the page, this was by request of a fan of the show. I have no idea what the title is, but if someone out there does, let me know by email. I will be adding new pictures to the page soon.

Dec 1 : Added the Fury Christmas episode "The Wayfarer". We hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday, and a great New Year!


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