Born in Evansville Indiana on Jauary 16, 1949, Roger was one of eight children. The family later moved to to Pecos Texas. Roger's brother and sister were very talented, and could play any instrument they picked up. When Roger was three, they had a trio and would sing at Churches and County Fairs. Roger says he was just a novelty in the act, since he was so young. Later on when he got a bit older he would be able to contribute to the trio.

In 1957 with his father being out of work for sometime, packed up the family and left Pecos to move to California. His father found work, and the trio continued to sing at at school carnivals, and other functions.
The Ted Mack show had come to town for a couple months, and the trio performed on the show. An agent contacted the trio through the Ted Mack show, and wanted to meet with and sign them to a contract. When the family met with the her, she had an interview already lined up for Roger the next day to play the part of Packy on Fury. He was the only one if the family that went into show business.

After his stint on Fury was over with, Roger went from show to show wherever a child his age was needed, playing in the TV westerns which were so abundent back then, and other television shows, and he even made pilot for TV in 1964 called "Inside Danny Baker", which never sold. He did a couple of movies "Boy Who Caught A Crook", "Dime With A Halo", and "Silent Call" (This was the only time he was ever appeared on film with Jimmy Baird, "Pee Wee" from the series Fury) just to mention a few.
Roger was called to do an interview by Walt Disney studio's, it had been a long time since he had done an interview. He was eventually signed for the Wonderful World Of Color movie "For The Love Of Willadean". From there he went on to play Gallagher for Disney, and was even reunited with Peter Graves from Fury for a couple of episodes of "Gallagher Goes West".
Other Wonderful World Of Color movies included "Emil And The Detectives", which he went to Germany to make, and "The Treasure Of San Bosco Reef", which was filmed in Catalina.

Roger was drafted in 1968 during the Viet Nam era. After his basic training, Roger voluteered for jump school to be a paratrooper. He was tested for a special forces school, and made it. He then went to Fort Bragg for sixteen months of green beret school, and was then sent to Viet Nam where he achieved the rank of Sgt.

Roger returned in 1970 and married his high school sweetheart Shari, and got a job at the Beaumont Police Dept. His agent called him telling him he had some interviews lined up and that he needed Roger to come out to Ca. now. Roger didn't go, and ended up staying with the police dept. In 1978 he decided he missed filming, and started inquiring around about parts. He even called Disney Studio's. They said they couldn't really gurantee him anything, but didn't see any reason why Roger couldn't get lots of work. Roger quit the police dept. and moved his family out to Ca. When he got to the Disney Studio's they told him they didn't have anything right now, unless he minded a bit part in a movie they were filming "The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again". Roger said he would take it. After doing the bit in the movie, Roger went on interview after interview, and always getting the same line. Nobody knew who he was, he had been gone too long.
In 1979, Roger moved his family back to Texas and got his job back at the police dept. he also worked as a undercover narcotics officer at that time.

Roger is now a Pastor in a Bible Church in Texas, he has been married for 33 years and is the father of three children, and five grandchildren.

I had sent Roger a few episodes of Fury, and he told me he was watching one of them with his youngest daughter, and he commented to her, "Life can't get any better than that for a kid". "I spent the summer riding horses and going swimming and got paid for it". "It was absolutely wonderful".....



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