Roger joined the cast of Fury at the ripe old age of eight, after being discovered by an agent in Los Angeles who saw Roger and his brothers and sisters performing on the Ted Mack Show.
Roger and his family met with the agent, and she had an interview lined up the next day for the part of Packy on the TV show "Fury."
Roger got the part, and went on the play Homer "Packy" Lambert for almost three years. Roger remembers watching the show before moving to California. And now he was with the people he watched every Saturday morning, and he was now a part of the show.
Roger said it was great working on the show, even though it was somewhat unpleasant at times. He was injured on the show once in a scene with Lane Bradford, where he had his arm torn open on the hammer of a rifle. He had forty eight stitches at the emergency room at Chatsworth Hospital. Instead of letting him go home, he had to go back to the set and do a scene. After passing out a few times he was finally allowed to go home, but had to return the next day.


 Mark Bennette, who was the production coordinator for TPA had wanted Roger to play the part of "Packy", a new character for the show. Nazzaro didn't want Roger. Instead he wanted Jay North of later famed Dennis The Mennace series. Mark won out, and taught Roger acting and speech, since Roger had a prominent drawl, which would have been very noticeable around the rest of the cast. Nazzaro didn't like the fact that Mark had hired Roger, and wasn't very kind to him, but he never treated Roger bad in front of Mark.
Mark told me that one day Roger's mother came to him explaining that the agent Roger had was taking 50% of Roger's earnings from the show. Mark stepped in and sent Roger and his mother to his lawyer, where the contract was immediately broken Roger from then on was able kept all his earnings from the show, without having to pay a percentage to his agent.

Roger recalls that he was filming a western TV series on the Paramount lot, and he had heard that Beaut was appearing in an episode of Bonanza, which was a few soundstages away from where he was filming. When the cast got a break, Roger went down to see Beaut. He says he believes that Beaut recognized him, and that they had about a 10 minute reunion. That was the last time Roger ever saw Beaut again.

Roger told me a story about an episode of Fury. Seems they were doing a scene with a lion, and there was a thick plate glass in between the lion and the cast. Roger was sitting on a paper mache' boulder, and turned to ask if he could leave for a minute. Just then the lion came crashing through the plate glass shattering it. He says he doesn't remember what happened after that since both him and the set director passed out!




Fury Episodes Roger Appeared In

  Littlest Horse Thief




Aunt Harriet

Ten Dollars A Head

The Orinthologists

The Unwanted

Troubles Have Wings

The Model Plane

The Will

The Pulling Contest

The Fire Watchers

House Guests

Feeling His Oats

Bad Medicine

Sonic Boom

An Old Indian Trick

The Relay Station


Girl Scout


Junior Achievement

Big Leaguer

Trail Drive

Man Killer

Visiting Day

The Timber Walkers

Turkey Day

The Map

The Rocketeers

The Fort

The Vanishing Blacksmith

The Big Brothers

Packy The Lion Tamer

Private Eyes

The Witch

A Present For Packy

Trottin Horse

Packy's Dilemma


The Skin Divers

Packy's Dream





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