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Fury, a contemporary western ran from 1955 -1960 with a 114 episodes, although there is information claiming there was well over 150 episodes this is incorrect. 
It was the story of Joey, an orphan boy befriended by Jim Newton a recently widowed horse rancher, who's wife and son were killed in an auto accident by a drunk driver..
Joey was brought to court for breaking a window. Jim had seen the whole incident and went to court with Joey, he told the Judge that Joey was innocent, and convinced the Judge to let Joey come stay at the Broken Wheel.

Jim had captured Fury a wild stallion after three years of trying, and Pete his foreman named him during a conversation where Pete said the horse was full of "Fire and Fury." Joey soon made friends with Fury, and was the only person who was able to ride him after saving his life. Later Fury was known to let others ride him, but only with Fury's permission.

Each episode took Joey and Fury to new adventures, along with his two pals Pee Wee and Packy. The show ran in syndication from 1960 until 1966 under the name "Brave Stallion."

The pilot and the first several episodes of Fury were filmed near Idlyllwild, CA. There was a scripted fire in episode #5 "Scorched Earth", in which the Broken Wheel Ranch burned down. That is when they moved the filming to Upper Iversons Movie Ranch north of Chatsworth, CA., and Spahn Ranch. Interior scenes were filmed at the KTTV TV lot in Hollywood, which are now the Metromedia studios located at Sunset and the Hollywood freeway. The TV show "Jeff's Collie starring Tommy Rettig was also filmed at the same studio on the stage across from Fury's.




Saturday mornings where the best time of the week when you were a kid back in the 50's. There were great shows on to watch like *Fury, Sky King, Jungle Jim, *Tugboat Annie, *Lassie, *Ramar Of The Jungle, The Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, Cisco Kid, My Friend Flicka, Casey Jones, Adventures of Champion Hopalong Cassidy and many many more. I miss those days, and wish that programs like these could be on Television once again for the kids of today. All of these shows taught lessons on how to treat people and what was right and wrong. No one back then ever thought to talk back to his or her parents, and they treated adults with the respect they so truly deserved.

I have started this site because it seems that Fury has been lost and forgotten in time. There is not much left on the show, but what I find will be posted here. So for those who remember the show, sit back and enjoy. For those who have never heard of Fury, it will be a new experience and one I hope you will all enjoy......








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Christopher Baird : For helping me get in touch with his father. Thank you Christopher.
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Tony Haig : For his bio and information about the show.
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Heather Tanchuck : For information on her Father Nat Tanchuck, the writer of Fury.
Marcia Miner : Photo contribution including Fury postcards, and information on Fury
Doug Abbott: For his contribution of his photos to the "Whiplash", "Casey Jones" page, and also additional "Fury" Photo's. Doug has a very extensive collection of TV western photos. Drop him a line.
Mary Spooner : Additional photo contribution.

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 Fury Comments

Congratulations on your "Fury" web site. I'm proud to be a part of it because that was a mighty show and should not be forgotten.
Roger Mobley

This is what makes the children who grew up in the fifties different from the ones today. The manners and respect we saw on TV only reinforced what we were being taught in school and at home. Great site.
Thank you, ....Vince

Can't thank you enough for this site.  I have been searching for years to find somebody who remembered Fury.  This show was the highlight of my childhood.  I still have my plastic model that I put together of him.  Have been waiting for them to put re-runs on TV.  Thank you thank you thank you!

I too grew up during those wonderful days of the TV cowboy.  I would faithfully watch them all dreaming of the day I might have a horse of my own and always wanting to live on a ranch.  It took a very long time to make the dream come true, but I have it now and have never forgotten the shows that planted the seed. Thanks for bringing back the memories where I can actually see them.

This site is wonderful! I remember watching Fury when I was little. What a great show it was, and taught us so much. I am glad also to know what happened to Roger Mobley. I had such a crush on him. Thank you so much.

I never missed an episode of Fury.  I was raised with horses, so I felt like I could relive all Joey's adventures on horseback.  Nothing took me away from the TV set on Saturday mornings.  Thanks for bringing back fond memories of a better time for children.   

What a wonderful and pleasant actually hear the "opening" to the Fury show once again........I actually got "chills".......Fury was a big part of my childhood and I commend you for excellent job you have done and thank you, wholeheartedly, for bringing him back into my life......if only momentarily......please keep up the is deeply appreciated, I am sure, by many, many of us "boomers."

I am so glad to have found that I am not crazy. I remember the program when it first aired. Everyone I talked to claimed I was nuts. Thank you for proving everyone that this show did exist.

When I was a boy in the 50's I never missed an episode of "Fury".  If there were re-runs, I'd never miss those either because it was a joyous part of my life growing up in Texas.  This is a great site to remember those days.

In Memory

Nan Leslie, who  passed away on July 27, 2000. Nan played  Stella Lambert, Packy's mother on the show.

Mark Bennett , production coordinator for TPA, who passed away June 13, 2004. Mark was responsible for casting Roger Mobley as "Packy".

Peter Graves, who passed away on March 14, 2010 of a heart attack in front of his home.



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Thank You




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More Of What People Are Saying 


I am so glad I found this site.  Great job by the way!  Watching Fury is one of my best childhood memories.  I watched it every morning before school and on Saturday mornings before the rest of the family woke up.  I wish they would start running the show again because it is a true classic!  Ah, the memories.  

Just wanted to let you know how great it was to find a Fury site!
It was one of my very favorite programs when I was growing up and I have re-lived some wonderful memories browsing thru your site.
I wish the reruns would be shown for my grandchildren to see (as well as myself!)
I believe if more of these types of programs were aired, the kids of today would be a lot different!
Thanks so much!


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