A Personal Message from Roger - March 1, 2013


I would first like to thank "Marlene" for creating and maintaing this site, as well as www.brokenwheelranch.com, and keeping the memories of the "Fury Show" and others like it alive. And thank YOU for dropping in and visiting. It is great to hear from friends and acquaintances from my very checkered past. There are several biographies of me out there and none of them are completely accurate so I will try & set the record straight here.
After graduating ('67) from Whittier Christian High School in Whittier, CA., I surfed, played drums, and chased girls for a year until Uncle Sam got hold of me. I spent 2 years 7 months,12 days and 10 hours and 35 minutes in the Army. I went to jump-school at Ft. Benning and Special Forces Training at Ft. Bragg, NC and I spent a year w/ the 46th Special Forces Company in southeast Asia before coming home safe & 1/2 sound in 1970.
I was shocked and surprized to find only $3,000 waited for me in a trust fund account from my acting...not much considerering the 9 years I worked and the 118 acting jobs I had. So, my wife Sharie, and I moved to Texas shortly thereafter where I joined the ranks of that City's Police Dept. I've also been a longshoreman, a pipefitter, a welder, a bull-rider, a cop in Vidor and Jasper, a lumberjack, a milkman, a FedEx truck driver, a prison guard (that really sucked), a Lifeguard, a football/basketball coach at a private school in Beaumont, a boiler-tender, and I've even served as a lay-Pastor for some small membership churches who were very patient with me, considering I wasn't very good at it.
For the past few years I travelled the country climbing and inspecting Wind Turbines under construction...and had a blast doing it.
For fun i ride my adopted mustang "Sonny" and I like to catch and sell live rattlesnakes. I also enjoy writing and singing cowboy songs and won the 2011 Singer/Songwriter Contest in Abilene, Texas...pretty cool.

MY MA PASSED IN NOV. 2012 AND WHEN FAMILY MEMBERS WERE CLEANING OUT HER ATTIC THEY FOUND BOXES OF FAN-LETTERS TO ME AND 100+ LETTERS, POST-MARKED BETWEEN 1968-1971 (WHEN I WAS AWAY IN THE ARMY) HAD NOT EVEN BEEN OPENED. I feel terrble that people (mostly young girls) took time to write to me 45 years ago and never got a reply....if you happen to be one of them please accept my apology. I am reading them all now but, with addresses being 45 yrs. old and young ladies changing their names thru marriage writing back now would be futile.